Yeargin VineyardNo Wine Before the Grape

So…...the journey begins…..


With the recent acquisition of 78.94 acres in Smith County Tennessee, we start our journey towards our goal of  becoming one of Tennessee’s premier grape producers. Having been a former member of the FFA during my high school years, I learned of the basics yet  never understood why anyone would do such things for such little reward. Some 30 years later, after having been in the technology field and business, I think I can now see why: it is not enough to just be part of making a business run, sometimes it takes making something grow.


No, we are not giving up technology and living off the land, but we are living for something other than the next change in technology. We plan on leveraging our technical background combined with our desire to be as ‘Green’ as growers of  what we hope to become some of Tennessee’s finest grapes used in wine production. No, no plans to produce the wine, just enjoy a glass as we watch the grapes grow.


 Favorite saying…..


“Young man, it is not knowing all the answers, but knowing where to find them that matters in life”

                                                                                                              E. Einstein

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