Yeargin Vineyard and Personal


The work that I do for organizations can best be described as assisting them in meeting their goal of automation and growth through utilization of the IT tools and resources. I have accomplished this in the past for organizations by providing the analysis of processes and developing enterprise level solutions while implementing operational and financial standards frameworks such as ITIL, Lean, SOX, and FFIEC guidelines. By having a working knowledge of how and where best to leverage technology in an organization, I provide that organization the ability to use existing automation and processes in a more cost effective manner, leading to a measurable return on their technology investment. When you combine my business operations management experience with my ability to design and implement technology solutions, the proven skills and experience which I can offer an organization make me uniquely qualified for the integration of technology in business based on sound analysis and established standards in today’s changing market.


Why IT?

Hobby gone bad.

Why Business?

Personal interest from seeing how different it can be all over the world and in my travels.

Why A Vineyard?

There is more to life than work and technology. Besides have you ever seen a Wi-Fi managed crop?