I started using computers to resolve business issues at a young age. The first application I developed was an amortization program for a local credit union in 1982 on a TRS80 Model 1 by Radio Shack. Since that time I have written applications to meet the needs of industries such as a just in time (JIT) inventory system to a enterprise mainframe healthcare billing systems graphical user interface (GUI) that provides a tracking and reporting system by integrating a SQL subsystem.

     After initially wanting to be a mechanical engineer, I worked as a CAD draftsman for Pebco Industries and Proctor & Gamble using Autocad software. During this time I also learned the utilization of Allen Bradley SLC and PLC devices and their ladder logic programming language. It seemed that no matter what I did I kept going back to working with and programming computers to help industry resolve issues.

     I opened my own business in the early 1990’s that specialized in computers and computer networking. The business grew to three locations over the next five years extending the coverage to most of northwest Tennessee and southwestern Kentucky, with some clients as far away as Carlsbad, New Mexico and upstate New York. By specializing in providing manufacturing solutions such as engineering CAD systems and automation systems for use of CAM and PLC products, the business grew. The services of Computer Connection ranged from classroom training of basic computer usage and repair for companies such as Goodyear and Weakley Co. Vocational School to private classes for small area groups. The integration of computers in the manufacturing and business operation processes was a major part of the business for such companies as Sloss Ind., Goodyear, Parker Hannifin, and several area medical clinics and hospitals. Application development continued for specialized needs in many retail businesses such as Rice Paint & Glass, Farmers Grain, Quick-Stop Market, and some area medical facilities.

     After providing consulting services to Greenfield Banking Company for their computer needs for over two years, I was offered a position as the full time manager of information technology, and after long consideration branch store locations were sold, with the primary store location phased out over a two year period. The new position allowed for the integration of a financial CRM system to be established in house while moving all financial operations from a central outsourced processing center. The position included the introduction to FFIEC standards for FDIC compliance, and I became the EDP officer and security officer for the establishment.

     The relocation to Nashville came in 1999 after doing contract work on the Lowe’s IT upgrade project which replaced token ring networks with fiber Ethernet in their retail locations. Taking a position at J.C. Bradford I became a real road warrior as a member of the Technical Branch Office Support (TBOS) that serviced all 97 remote locations in 17 states. After the purchase of J.C. Bradford by Paine Webber in 2000, all operations were moved to New Jersey, but I did not want to move the children, so another change was coming. 

     A local petroleum jobber was about to merge operations and resources and needed an IT Director to oversee the project of integration and expansion that would become TriStar Energy, LLC. The IT department served the interest of the owners in five different companies, Daily’s, TriStar Transport, BJKF, Kimbro, and Premier, with an enterprise network. The network combined VOIP using frame, ADSL, ISDN, and dial-up connectivity. Utilizing a Nortel Option 11c with Cisco networking equipment, a VOIP (voice over IP) system was established to 46 sites while using an enhanced 911 service to provide emergency links to local authorities in each location. The finished product integrated Unix servers for accounting processing, Exchange server for communication, and SQL servers for data warehousing in addition to the support of such applications as Great Plains, MAS200, Peach Tree, and Quicken for the various companies. The VOIP system was, according to Bellsouth, the largest known in the state for two years running which used QSIG and provided data shaping with quality of voice priority. While designing, implementing, and maintaining the enterprise network platform, a project was launched to develop the market basket application to allow management and marketing of the distributors and convenience store franchises. After the primary partner in the TriStar Energy changed support services model to being that of utilizing out sourced resources for cost reduction, the IT and other department’s position was dissolved. An interesting side note is that some five years later they have started re-establishing the IT department after cost cutting failed to support marketing and management needs and cost market share.

     After graduation with a BS in business, I accepted a position with a local health care facility as their Department of Finance System Administrator. This position allowed me to get back into systems operations by restructuring their current server systems and implementing a disaster recovery system. This was in addition to doing infrastructure design analysis prior to performing upgrades and migrations of server and SQL systems. The negotiation of a departmental standard in respect to desktop PC’s was established and a department-wide technology refresh was started. The change to the position of Programmer/Analyst II allowed me to develop a hospital mainframe GUI system which allowed for the integration of an IBM mainframe accounting system to an SQL productivity and reporting solution that could not be effectively established on the mainframe. Prior work I have done for healthcare includes a scanning retrieval system for hospital accounting transaction records which allowed a unique automation perspective. The resulting GUI system provided an automation of accounts at the rate of 11,659 per hour over the prior manual process of a single user 127 per hour ability for repetitive entry.

  Since obtaining my MBA I have worked as the IT Governance management for a major North American hospitality company. In addition to an appointment within a department of the State of Tennessee as the departments first Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Auditor III while obtaining my Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) certificate. I have also worked with two multi national companies since that time on improvement and operational changes to their IT operations and management in the mining and logistics fields.

My education and training accomplishments include achieving a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer classification and a Masters Degree in Business Administration and being a Certified Fraud Examiner which specializes in data analysis. 

For more experiences and life changes, such as the move outside of the Nashville area, lets have a conversation…………….