Technology is simply a way of doing something. When you use technology as the tool to build your processes, then you can achieve your goal of automation.


 With years of IT background ranging from owning my own company to revising the payment processing for a multibillion-dollar revenue stream related to the healthcare industry, these vast experiences have provided me the opportunity and challenge of learning many of the industry standards such as FDIC, SOX, PCI, HIPAA, PII, and SEC reporting and compliancy, ranging from simple to complex issues faced today. While managing reporting and compliancy, I also had the task of meeting program development and integration needs using industry standards such as API, XML, X12, HCIS, and others for B2B exchanges methods as part of on premise and cloud-based solutions.

My areas of interest are, in no specific order, as follows:

Data Analyst – Specific area of knowledge is SQL, Oracle and RPG

Infrastructure Design and support – Primary equipment utilized is Cisco, Firebox, and SonicWall

IT Audit/Governance – based platform is NIST/ITIL with PCI, HIPPA, and PII. FFIEC for banking.

Application Management – Accounting and Production based utilizing SQL and Oracle platforms

Network design and support – Largest operations was 97 remote sites in three states utilizing VoIP and real time operational surveillance and reporting.


Of all the skills I can bring to an organization, the strongest would be my focus on my continued advancement in learning. While having performed a wide range of tasks, I have found that my emphasis on continuous self-improvement has provided me a different perspective than most when providing solutions and new initiatives to meet business objectives and goals. I look forward to my next challenge.


 Favorite saying…..


“Young man, it is not knowing all the answers, but where to find them that matters in life”

                                                                                                              E. Einstein

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