Who Me?

I started in business during my early years as part of family endeavors’. The first non-military job I can recall my father doing was electrician work. I quickly picked up on basic principles and was able to utilize both AC and DC concepts. Next my father tried something new, upholstery. While not very good at it in comparison, I was able to grasp the concept and do some of my own items such as truck seats and chairs.

Once retirement come, my father turned to retail ventures, which I found interesting and intriguing. While not trying to get a date in my formative years I was working in his retail outlets and learning, often the hard way, about margins and cost. But not all was fun and games as he pointed out school work was just as important. So, like any good businessman we made a deal, I would do better in high school if he would let me go to college at night to learn ‘real world’ lessons. After much negotiation, I started my college classes in my junior year of high school.

Once in college I learned many lessons, most important was that education is only the bases for what you learn and do in life, it’s how you apply these lessons learned that determines who and what you become. The lessons come from many sources, parents, instructors, family, friends and even strangers you meet.