IT Basics

The objective of most businesses is to establish the best processes and operational stability they can while meeting business objectives and goals. This is where IT Governance can not only help meet the objectives and goals, but help to establish stability through processes. While you can get many companies who have so many certifications attached to each person you work with you often wonder if they have a name. Ask yourself how many of them can actually say they have worked in your business sector and have done the work to keep a business operational or do they just want to bill more time. While “standards” are great, the ability to adjust those standards through understanding to your business is invaluable. If this sound great, but your not sure, get in touch and lets talk.

The use of IT to commit fraud in a business is as common as the sun rise each morning. Stop and think about it, how is your business managing such things as inventory, vendors, accounts payable, and payroll? The answer to all of these is via a computer application, in house program, or data service. While it is true that a CPA can most often find abnormalities in the ‘books’ of a business, the fact is that these can more often be found much faster by someone understands business and IT operations combined with proper governance of IT operations in each sector of business. This has been proven over and over in business operations ranging from State Governments’ Departments all they way down to the mom and pop businesses doing retail sales. Not sure if you have an issue, but more of a feeling of its not right or could be better, get in touch and lets talk.